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You may have stumbled upon this blog whilst searching for information, and I’m so glad you did! My name is Liz, though here I’ll go by Asteria. My intentions for this blog are simple: I wish to document my learning in an easy-to-access manner and share what I know with the world.

Please feel free to comment corrections (preferably with sources), but don’t be a dick about it. Any rude or unruly comments will be deleted.

Some of my posts may be my opinion on a matter, rather than black and white facts, and therefore be debatable. I will make it clear which ones these are, and as always I’m open to hearing another perspective as long as it is respectful.

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French Lessons: Chapter 1 – Vocab 1.1-3

Bonjour et Bienvenue!

Welcome to our first Vocab lesson! Last time, we learned how to conjugate verbs. Today, we’ll learn some basic vocabulary. There’s a lot in the first chapter, so I’ll be breaking it down a bit in each post.

Just for today, we’ll learn how to introduce ourselves, some subjects you might learn in school, how to count to 10, and a few animals. Simple, enough, right?

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French Lessons: Lesson 1 – Grammar 1 – Auxiliary Verbs in Present Tense

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Bonjour et Bienvenue! Hello and Welcome!

Today marks the first installment of Foreign Friday, and our first courses will be based in French since it is my second language and I feel confident enough to teach it properly. I’ve considered teaching French as an alternative career path so this will give me an outlet to try it out. Read More »

Travel 101: Carry-On

With my trip quickly approaching, I thought it appropriate to do a travel series where I go through my tips and tricks for the most painless travel experience possible. After all, planning for travel can be stressful, especially on a budget, and the more stressed you are, the less you’ll enjoy what can truly be an incredible experience.

Today, for the sake of brevity, we’ll just go over what to pack in your carry-on.

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